FAQ in Starting Business in Rwanda
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How do I terminate (dissolve, surrender or cancel) my business license?
For assistance in determining how to dissolve or cancel your business, please refer to the responsible department mentioned on the portal.

How much time do I have to wait for in order to get my license?
The time required to process a license is mentioned on the portal and it differs from one license to another.

Can I get a business license to operate/live/build in Rwanda if I am a foreigner?
Some of the licenses or permits apply only to nationals and others apply to both nationals and foreigners. For clarification, please refer to the responsible institution that issues the license in question.

How and where do I report a complaint about my business license?
For assistance in determining where to file a complaint against a business entity and how to proceed, please refer to the concerned Department as mentioned on the portal. You may also wish to consult other relevant institutions.

What do I need to present in order to get my business license?
Requirements for each license are described in the license information pack. However, it is advised that you check with the responsible agency in case there might be other requirements that are not yet captured on the portal.

Can I apply online or by phone to get the license?
It is possible to apply online for some of the licenses. However, for most of the licenses you will need to hand in your license application in person. It depends on the nature of the license, requirements and the issuing authority.

Will I need to pay for the License?
For some of the licenses, a fee is required. For more clarification, please check with the concerned institutions through the contact details provided on the portal.

Why should I apply for a Business License?
In Rwanda, there is a requirement to get a license for most businesses before they start operating. It is therefore may be mandatory to get a license or permit depending on the relevant activities of the business.